How does the ICT training that I provide for teachers in my school enhance their teaching and learning?

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The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) integrated cross curricular, has been increasing over the years. One of the ways by which schools have sought to encourage the use of ICT cross curricular is by providing ICT training for teachers. This assignment will set out a plan for a small-scale personal research following an Action Research Method to explore how the ICT training that I provide for teachers, enhances the use of ICT in their classroom. While schools and educational institutions focus much of their budget on purchasing hardware, there is little allocation for training staff to effectively utilize the purchased equipment. Geoff Mulgan, the Chief Executive Officer of National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA) argues “the emphasis is too often on shiny hardware rather than how it is to be used.”

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How does the ICT training that I provide for teachers in my school enhance their teaching and learning?



The Essential Qualities for Effective Leadership in Schools

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Effective leadership can potentially be a subjective term. Every leader in his or her capacity as leader and position of responsibility may define effective leadership according to their own experiences, perceptions and/or ideals. Much discussion and literature exists on what the essential qualities for effective leadership are. It is important and beneficial to be familiar with the differing points of view, so that future leaders are able to adopt their own principles or qualities they consider necessary, enabling them to lead effectively.

The aim of this critique is to analyse briefly the theories and qualities presented by some as key to effective leadership. As I am currently working in, and primarily interested in the role of effective leadership in schools, the literature and case studies I have selected have focused on leadership in schools and the examples used are also within this context. However, in many instances, the criteria for effective leadership may apply to other professions and institutions.

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The essential qualities for effective leadership in schools

Reflective Professional Development

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n my view, professional development begins a lot earlier than people tend to explain in their CVs. Our experiences play a major role in our development as people and our experiences at the work place shape our attitudes towards our respective professions.

My first job was as a paper boy aged 14+ as far as my memory goes…..

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My Reflective Professional Development

How can I improve the learning of my pupils in ICT?

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This study focuses on improving the use of Information Communication Technology in my current secondary school using students in Key Stage 3 and 4 for the case study. As an ICT teacher currently working in an international school following the British curriculum, this research was carried out to develop my teaching practice and consequently enhance the learning of my students in ICT. The students in the school came from affluent family backgrounds with regular access to ICT facilities out of school hours. The study was also carried out at a time when the school was encouraging developing the use of ICT cross-curricular by using cutting-edge technology. As a member of the working party that sought to facilitate this, I undertook this project to pilot the study with approval from both the Head of ICT and the Head of Secondary.

I used Action Research as a method to carry out this study, using research and action to develop the use of ICT in my lessons to improve my pupils’ learning. Inspired by Whitehead’s method of action research because of his use of critical questions, I undertook this study as a living educational theory that I tested out through its course. As stated by McNiff (2008) in her key note at the conference, ‘Portfolios for and of Professional Development’, ‘A key aspect of living educational theories is that the ‘I’ is the centre of the enquiry, and offers an account, which includes a testable evidence base together with articulated criteria and standards of judgement, that shows how practitioners are trying to improve their practice.’ The study  therefore places me as the teacher as its central focus by asking the question ‘How can I improve my practice’ (Whitehead, 1989), aiming to recognise gaps in my teaching, investigating method for improvement and then testing out the method to gauge progress within my ICT lessons.

The study has been divided in sub-headings; the first explains my rationale and personal values as a teacher and educationalist, setting out the inspiration behind carrying out this study. The second section explains the reality of my pupils, recognises the gaps in my teaching and aspects of student learning that could be enhanced; listing out factors I anticipate could lead to further improvement. The third expands on my values through a process of self-reflection, considering the possible difficulties I encounter as a learner, which set direction for the study. The fourth explains the action-research using critical questions as used by McNiff et al (1996, p.137-139):

What was your concern?

Why were you concerned?

How could you show the evidence around your felt need to undertake the research?

What could you do about it?

What did you do?

What evidence did you produce to show your actions and their impact?

What conclusions did you draw from your evidence? How could you judge your own effectiveness?

How could you show that you took care that your judgements were reasonably fair and accurate?

How did you modify your practice?

Finally, the study concludes with an evaluation of using Action-Research as a method for improvement.

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How can I improve the learning of my pupils in ICT?


It all starts with a question

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How can I improve the learning of my pupils in ICT?

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